How do I order a site?

Simply complete the application form with the details of your store and we’ll do the rest. We’ll contact you to discuss the domain name you require, organise payment and advise on a ‘go live’ date. Typically you can be up and running in a couple of days.


What if I already own a domain name?


That’s no problem. You can either transfer the domain name to our servers (you will retain ownership) or you can ask your current hosts to ‘point’ the domain to your Subsite Builder website.


What if I have more than one store?


There are two ways you can deal with multiple stores.

  • You can have a single Subsite Builder website and use our clever administration tools to extend your delivery area to cover both stores. You would then allocate each order to the most appropriate store, as it arrives. This is cost effective in the short term as you only purchase one Subsite Builder Website, however it does inevitably lead to more administration work in-store.

  • To minimise administration for you and those in your stores, why not purchase a Subsite Builder website for each individual store? This means that orders will always be store specific. Discounts apply to multiple order builds.


Is it secure?


User accounts are controlled by industry standard, securely encrypted passwords.

All online payment transactions are handled by Paypal’s secure payment service. The Subsite Builder websites do not store any payment details.

How are the payments handled?

Your customers can opt to pay on delivery/collection and your delivery person collects payment. Alternatively, if you have a Paypal merchant account, customers can pay securely online via Paypal when placing their order. We will advise re a Paypal merchant account.


What are the maintenance charges?


Please see our pricing page for more details.


What happens when a new product is launched? How is the site kept up to date?


Once a new product is launched, it is added to the master database. Once you are able to offer it in your store you need to set the price you want to charge. Images and product description will already be provided for you. The new product will instantly become available for you to offer to your customers.


Can I promote platters?


Yes, platters are available via the website.


Is this site residential only? Can i promote it to businesses?

You can promote your website to all customers. We have found that promoting to businesses can result in large, repeat, orders from staff in offices as well as orders for platters for meetings and functions.


Can I change my delivery charges?


Yes, Subsite Builder offers complete control over delivery prices and the delivery area. Multiple prices can be set to offer customers free delivery if they are very close to you and a fixed delivery charge for those further away, or free delivery if an order is over a certain value. Subsite builder offers you a great deal of flexibility in your delivery options.


Can I use vouchers to target my customers?

Yes, the administration area provides the ability to create voucher codes which give customers discounts based on factors such as order value, type of products orders, number of products orders or any combination of those. You can offer a discount value in pounds and pence, a percentage discount, create a fixed price for multiple products or offer a free item.


What happens if something goes wrong with my site?


Our web monitoring team are constantly checking that your website is operational at all times. If an error does occur with a storage server, the system automatically switches to a secondary server. This happens so quickly that your customers will not notice any interruption.

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